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Cloud specialist software architect/engineer/devops guy.

I'm a software developer & architect based in London, currently working for Brightcove & Zencoder.
I used to work for the BBC on Video Factory.
My specialities are Java, PHP, Perl and C/C++ development.
I have extensive experience building systems inside Amazon Web Services. I'm also a MySQL whiz and a Mac/Linux guru.

I design and build large, scalable message driven software systems out of small applications with distinct separation of responsibility.

You can watch me talking about my work on BBC Video Factory at AWS re:Invent here and Continuous Delivery at the BBC here.

My interests include Agile Development, Cloud Computing, Emulation, Virtualization, Test & Behaviour driven development (TDD/BDD) and Distributed Systems. My main research interest is the use of Emulation to teach Computer Architecture.

I gave up any hope of having something thrilling here a long time ago.
I'm much more interesting on Twitter... Honestly!

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Phil Cluff